OK. But why?

Yes, you can certainly go to your local grocer/drug store, etc., and buy cheaper soap. So what's the big deal with this fancy-schmancy, Hand Crafted brouhaha?

Store-Bought vs. Hand Crafted

Did you know that most of the soaps for sale in commercial environments are actually detergents? They don't meet the FDAs definition for soap, so they are marketed as “cleansing bars” or “beauty bars.”

Detergents excel at removing oils- which is OK from a sales perspective, but may not jive with how you want to care for your skin.

It's the Glycerin, Baby

Hand Crafted soaps contain Glycerin, a natural skin softener that attracts water from ambient air. This helps maintain your skin's moisture after use.

In Hand Crafted soap, fats/oils blend with sodium hydroxide (lye) during the saponification process, while the natural glycerin maintains its integrity.

You Deserve a Little 'Me Time'

We're ALL moving at a million mph. Shifting between parent, spouse, worker bee, and/or FurParent, I'm happy if I've put underwear on BEFORE my jeans.

We can ALL use a little more 'Me Time.' And whether you love long soaks or have to speed through the shower in the AM, both are chances to take just a wee moment to pamper yourself.

Oh yea.

And they smell freakin’ amazing. So there’s that.

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Mimi H.

"I recently received my 1st subscription box and all I can say is it smells like PURE heaven!!! The packaging is beautiful and well put together. I know for a fact that this is something we should all treat ourselves to! If you've been thinking about subscribing, stop right now and JUST DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed!"

Gail B.

"Can’t stop sniffing these—my favorite is the almond bar (appropriately named 'Almond Gosh!'), which not only smells amazing, but has coffee grounds in it for some sloughing action. It feels like a treat to use—lathers well and isn’t drying, which is a problem I have with other soaps.

Plenty of other good scents to choose from— 'Mint to Be' looks and smells like a slab of mint fudge. Perfect for some treat yo’ self time!"

Lesley S.

"These bath products are truly phenomenal. Everything about them excites the senses from the smell to the packaging. I arrived home to see the box had come, tore open the packaging and was in the tub enveloped in a fizzing array of bath bomb splendor within a half hour of receipt. Pure bliss!."

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