So how in the heck did we get here?

Welcome to my happy place...

Remember when a slab of Play Doh was just exciting? Or when a box of crayons (and yea, I’m talking about the big honkin’ box of 64) made you giddy? As I cruised through the beginning of my (REDACTED) decade on this delicate blue marble, I found myself yearning to create, build, and make, like I used to in my (ahem) younger years.  

The kicker was, I just didn’t have the time.

The fact is, it’s just so easy to fly through daily life, switching between Mom, Wife, (kick-ass) Lady Boss, FurMomma, etc., without really realizing how fast time is going by. And of course, this deeply philosophical conclusion was made in my DEEP THOUGHT generating room, which is, of course, the bathroom. Or more specifically in this case, the shower.

You see, my morning shower had become my respite. My 20 minutes where no one else could talk, email, text, or otherwise engage with me just yet. And I have grown to cherish these minutes. Yes, granted, shortly after said shower the ‘all hell breaks loose’ portion of my day usually starts, but until then, for that brief time… peace. Serenity.  

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And then it clicked.

I raced to the internets (after I dried and dressed because, safety first) and quickly pulled up Pinterest (because where ELSE do you go for soul-crushing crafty projects). 

Well. DAYS later after pulling myself out of that particular never-ending tunnel, I realized that I was tripping over a solution to both my shower AND creative issues. Months and months of reprioritization, research, recipe testing, and BAR design later, I had amassed a ton of knowledge and cultivated the angelBARS collection available today.

Whether you’re a quick morning shower gal like I am, or prefer long, lingering soaks at night (and with wine!) I am so excited to share my heaven scent creations with you. And even if this isn’t your preferred method of relaxation, here’s hoping that we all make a little ‘ME TIME’ an important part of every day.