Noggin’ On Heaven’s Door

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Crack open the ‘Nog and let’s get festive!

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Deck the halls and prep the tree- we’re gonna get ‘Nogged! This BAR delivers warm rum and cocoa mixed with a rich eggy-batter for a hearty and nostalgic holiday celebration.




INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Saponified Coconut, Olive, and Sustainably Sourced Palm Oils, Cocoa Butter, Cocos Powder, Fragrance Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Oxide, Brown Oxide, Cinnamon.


1 review for Noggin’ On Heaven’s Door

  1. tyzmom03

    Out of all the bars I’ve tried and LOVED (which would be all of them) Noggin on Heaves Door is my new favorite!! Definitely a must for the holidays! ? ?

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