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  • BARS , Yummy

    Almond Gosh

    Pour yourself a rich mug of this nutty mix- Just add water!

  • BARS , Floral

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    A soothing, sparkling, & minty BAR for relaxing ASAP!

  • Limited Editions

    Candy Cortini

    SALE- 20% OFF!

  • BARS , Clean

    Clover Girl

    Fresh grass fields make us frolic!

  • BARS , Clean

    Iron Man

    Smell clean, crisp, & dude-like with this light, masculine scent.

  • BARS , Floral

    Kissed by a Rose

    A soft, sweet rose with Goat’s Milk

  • BARS , Clean

    Mint To Be

    Feel minty fresh all day with this perfectly mint & herbal BAR!

  • BARS , Valentine's Day 2021

    No Way Rose

    Roses. Just Roses.

  • BARS , Seasonal

    Pie in Your Eye

    It’s Fall, y’all! Kickstart the season with this spicy pumpkin BAR.

  • BARS , Floral

    Pretty in Pink

    Clay all day with this Rose scented BAR.

  • Limited Editions

    Rose of St. Olaf

    Like its namesake, this BAR is sweet & fiesty!

  • BARS , Floral

    Rosie Posey

    Wildflowers & Roses & Clay- All Day!