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  • bathBOMBERS

    Berries & Bubbly

    We’re poppin’ bottles with ‘Berries & Bubbly’

  • bathBOMBERS , Valentine's Day 2021

    I Heart You

    This Berry Sweet BOMBER delivers hearts full of Love!

  • BARS , Clean

    Lemon on a Pear

    We’re rockin’ out with this fruity citrus combo!!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Lose Your Rind

    It’s a taste of summer, right in your bath!

  • BARS , Fruity & Citrus

    Love Your Melons

    A juicy summer treat that gives back!

  • BARS , Fruity & Citrus

    Sweet Berryline

    Grab your basket and let’s go berry pickin’!

  • BARS , Fruity & Citrus

    That’s My (Tropical) Jam!

    Get your tail on the dance floor- we’re about to get juicy with it!