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    Shake, shake, shake for a calming soak!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Beach, Please

    A reminder to get your daily dose of #VitaminSea.

  • bathBOMBERS

    Berries & Bubbly

    We’re poppin’ bottles with ‘Berries & Bubbly’

  • bathBOMBERS

    Cherry Bomb

    It’s a sweet cherry ka-boom for your tub (not the loo)!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Foam, Sweet Foam

    Sink into a foamy fantasy with this bubble-packed BOMBER!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Lavender Fields Forever

    Soothe that last nerve by sinking into a warm, Lavender oasis.

  • bathBOMBERS

    Lose Your Rind

    It’s a taste of summer, right in your bath!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Lucky Clover

    Like rolling in fresh green grass- without the stains!

  • bathBOMBERS

    Mums & Roses

    Rock out in a bouquet of roses balanced with mixed floral notes.

  • bathBOMBERS

    Norwegian Wood

    Warm citrus, sage, & cedar await in this woodsy BOMBER.

  • bathBOMBERS

    Not My Circus

    Fluffy spun sugar takes on a new role: a gloriously sweet soak!

  • bathBOMBERS

    On the Rum

    Start. Your. Blenders (before you get in the tub)!