How to Make Your Morning Commute Less Stressful

Commuting to work is often considered a necessary evil, because, c’mon- getting onto a packed highway with 100 thousand of your closest friends? Not my cup of tea. Short of building a steam powered helicopter in your garage, here are a few tweaks to your daily routine to help you enjoy the time you spend commuting to your place of work each day- or at least not want to commit hari kari by the time you arrive to your office. Grab your Chamomile and read on…

Don’t Get Ready in Your Car

Avoid getting ready in your car or focusing on tasks other than driving during your morning commute. Distracted driving includes other things besides texting. Eating breakfast, applying your makeup, or completing last-minute calls can greatly add to the stress you feel and experience throughout your day. Prepare for your day the night before or by getting up earlier in the morning. Focus solely on your driving when you are commuting to work to keep stress at bay and to minimize unnecessary risks by becoming distracted while you are operating your vehicle.

Use Another Form of Transportation

It’s a good idea to use an alternative form of transportation if you currently reside in an area with a good public transit system. Opting for public transportation on your way to work is not only a way for you to relax and unwind, but it is also a way to eliminate the stress that is often triggered by hectic drivers and busy commuting times. It also gives you extra time to do relaxing activities that you can’t normally do while driving such as meditating, taking a nap, reading, or knitting. You could even get some extra work done on your laptop if the train or other transportation method has WiFi access so you can be ahead of schedule.

Keep Yourself Entertained Throughout Your Morning Commute

Knowing how to keep yourself entertained during your morning commute can make all of the difference when it comes to your mood and the outlook you maintain throughout the day. Minimizing stress during your morning commute is important, as it will set you up for a positive and happy outlook rather than a stressed, irritable, or agitated mood and outlook. Listen to your favorite podcasts or audible novel while you are commuting to work. Spend time creating music playlists that are packed with energetic, upbeat, and uplifting music that you can play on your drive to work each morning.

Taking the time to make changes to your daily routine to minimize or eliminate stress and anxiety that is commonly associated with morning commutes can bring you great relief and peace of mind. When you no longer dread your morning commute and find ways to make peace with it, you can make the most out of your time while getting your day off to a great start.

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