Bath Bomb Scents that Will Change Your Mood as You Take a Bath

Picture this — you are lying in a bathtub, surrounded with the heavenly scent of aromatic candles. There’s light music playing in the background and you are watching your favorite romantic movie on your iPad. Can you feel the stress leaving your body as the warm water soothes your aches and pains? All you added to your bath was a little Epsom salt and a bath bomb, and now you feel like you are floating on cloud nine. Did we get it right?

That’s the magic of scented bath bombs!

The right scent can change your mood and literally send you into subspace.

The Secret Ingredient — Essential Oils

For centuries, essential oils have been used for their restorative properties. These oils come from plant extracts that help with a multitude of psychological and physical problems such as inflammation, skin issues, insomnia, muscle aches, and stress. Some of them are so potent that they are used for seduction.

Following are some of the top scents that are available in bath bombs:


The herb lavender is found in almost all body care lotions and treatments. Lavender oil works wonders in reducing anxiety and relieving stress. It also helps with insomnia and headaches. After a long hectic workday, a lavender bath bomb will surely suck out all the tension from your body.


The compounds of a rose plant are thought to have healing properties. This is why rose is mostly used for health-related purposes. A rose bath bomb calms your nervous system and skin. Apart from relieving stress and anxiety, it also helps with menstrual cramps.


The strong and sweet aroma of cherry makes the most deliciously fragrant bath bomb. While cherry oil is seldom used as it does not offer many benefits, but it is sometimes combined with other essential oils to create a unique scent. The biggest benefit of a cherry bath bomb is that its strong scent relaxes the mind and body.


The scent of sandalwood is widely known as a powerful perfume. In fact, it is also used in chocolates and candies. In traditional Chinese medicine, the scent of sandalwood is believed to have a positive effect on mental and physical disorders. A sandalwood bath bomb will help you control your insomnia, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety.


Orange essential oil is extracted from orange peels. Its refreshing scent has the most profound effect on the body. An orange bath bomb will not only relieve stress and relax your muscles but also rejuvenate your body.


Ylang-ylang essential oil comes from the flowers of a tree, which is native to Indonesia. It is believed that ylang-ylang flowers have aphrodisiac qualities. A ylang-ylang bath bomb enhances the mood and works as an antidepressant. It also has sedative properties, which makes it perfect to be used for a soothing, before-bedtime bath.

Clary Sage

Last but not the least; clary sage oil simply melts your tension away. A clary sage bath bomb often includes multiple oils such as orange and lavender to create the ultimate, relaxing bath.

There are plenty more flavors of bath bombs that offer different benefits for the mind, skin and body. If you are looking for quality scented bathBOMBERS, take a look at our selection. Apart from offering the above mentioned bath bombs, the online shop also stores offers additional scents like cotton candy, cranberry, coconut rum, spice pumpkin, and more.

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