OMG.It’s tomorrow! Launch is tomorrow! Holy moly!

 At 2pm EST the site will be live and fully operational! 

Yea, we may be a bit overexcited here at HQ..but we’re super stoked to launch this puppy. And we’ve been so overjoyed at all the words of encouragement and congrats from our fans-

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Details? When? Where? How soon can I buy?Once the site is live, all products will be available for purchase. BOX subscription orders will also begin, and their scheduled ship date is May 4th (may the forth be with you, heh). Individual products ship immediately (we expect to have them in the mail within 1-2 biz days).

Some notes (since y’all are the first pioneers on here, and I feel like sharing):

We’re considering this site a beta version. We’re tied in to a back end system that handles all the orders and shipping logistics, but the front end web site leaves… a bit to be desired. So in all likelihood, a site migration and redesign will happen within the next 6 months. ANY FEEDBACK you have on the site and operations would be MUCH appreciated!

Shipping is one of the hard variables for any online store. We’re launching with a mix of flat shipping on BOXES (where we are covering about 70% of this shipping cost) and a ‘by weight’ postage calculation for individual item shipping. Again, this is an area where we’d love any feedback you have. For instance, if you’ve added a few products to your cart and go to calculate shipping- is it reasonable, ridiculous? We’ll be using your input to tighten up how best to calculate shipping so costs are covered and appropriate for the purchase.
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Up Next!We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the site, how the shopping experience goes, and our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns, questions, or input!

833-ANGEL-70 (yes, we got a vanity number..SQUEEE!)
[email protected]